Sweeten Renovation Financial Protection

Sweeten is a home renovation service that matches your project with thoroughly vetted general contractors, while offering expert guidance and financial protection, at no cost to you.

Why Trust Sweeten? 

Our founders are trained architects with decades of combined home renovation experience. Since 2011, Sweeten has completed over 2000 successful home and commercial renovations, and built a national network of expert general contractors. Our standards for general contractors are exceptionally high; we only accept 15% of those who apply.

We are so confident in our process and our contractors that we offer $50,000 of renovation financial protection to all our renovators. We’re committed to protecting your investment.

How does Sweeten’s Renovation Financial Protection work? 

Your Sweeten General contractor provides your first level of protection—
all Sweeten general contractors:

  • Meet any state and local requirements for licensing.
  • Carry required liability insurance.
  • Provide at least a one-year warranty on their work.

In the unlikely event that you suffer loss or damage during your renovation, Sweeten will support you in finding resolution through the contractor, the contractor’s insurance, or your local court system. 

If these approaches are unsuccessful, and if your loss fits requirements described below,

Sweeten will reimburse you up to $50,000.

What’s Covered by Sweeten’s Renovation Financial Protection?

Sweeten’s Renovation Financial Protection covers losses due to the following:

  • General contractor’s failure to complete work because of illness
  • General contractor’s failure to complete work because of death
  • General contractor’s failure to complete work because their firm becomes insolvent
  • General contractor’s failure to complete work because they abandoned the project
  • Property damage resulting from general contractor’s faulty work

What’s NOT Covered by Sweeten’s Renovation Financial Protection? 

Here are examples of circumstances not covered by Sweeten’s Renovation Financial Protection:

  • Project delays, material delivery delays, and related costs
  • Payment disputes
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of materials, tools, or other property used on the job, whether owned by the homeowner or the contractor
  • Loss of cash, cash equivalents, collectibles, artwork, jewelry, pets
  • Personal liability claims
  • Losses associated with additional projects beyond your original Sweeten project, or with changes to your project not documented in the most recent version of the contract submitted to Sweeten
  • Losses associated with a project that was not awarded through Sweeten

Requirements include:

  • You hired your general contractor through Sweeten.
  • Your project has been “awarded” on our platform on or after 09/15/2020 and prior to the date of claim.
  • You have made a good faith effort to resolve the dispute with your general contractor directly.
  • You have engaged Sweeten to resolve the issue and made a good faith effort to follow our recommended process for resolution.
  • You provide us with documentation supporting your complaint within one year of service completion (or, if no work was completed, within 30 days of your last attempt to resolve the issue with the professional). This must include:
  1. If work has not started: proof of payment to the professional
  2. If your property was damaged or work was improperly executed: documentation showing the value of the damaged property or improperly executed function, with photos of the related property
  3. In either case: documentation of your attempts to resolve the issue with the professional
  • You follow our resolution policies, work with us in good faith, and permit the professional to attempt to resolve the problem prior to contacting Sweeten and as reasonably requested by Sweeten.
  • The Sweeten Financial Protection is subject to modification by Sweeten at any time. The terms in effect on the date you reported your project issue will apply to any claim you make related to the services at issue.
  • Sweeten may require a W-9 from you prior to any resolution.

Terms and conditions apply.

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How Sweeten Works

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